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Best place to eat biryani in Hyderabad?


There are several restaurants in Hyderabad that serve biryani and everyone has got its own uniqueness. However, I recommend the following

1. Shah Ghouse – Located in the heart of old city of Hyderabad, it serves one of the best Biryani in the city. The ambiance wasn’t great but they renovated it recently and it’s wonderful now.

2. Shadab Hotel – If you are not willing to travel all the way to Shah Ghouse, you can find a similar one at Shadab near high-court. The ambiance is amazing and probably the best among the restaurants across the old city.

3. Cafe Bahar – If you are around Basheerbagh, you must try this place. It serves a similar flavor to the above two and at a similar price. They have got two sections to dine, the one on the first floor has got wonderful ambiance.

4. Dine Hill – Masab Tank, you gotta visit this place. It serves a Biryani of Indo-Afghani cuisine, one of its kind in the city.

5. Paradise – Probably the most famous restaurant, you got to try it for once. They have a unique style in cooking Biryani, they use Ghee and it’s wonderful but if you like it to be spicy with masala, it may not top your list.

6. Bawarchi – There are several restaurants across the city which use this name but the original one is at RTC Cross Road, Chikkadpally. They don’t have any other branches in the city.

Apart from these, there are other famous restaurants across the city like the Alpha Hotel, Secunderabad and there are several restaurants that are coming up, especially in the old city which serve a more Arab variety of food and they are worth checking out.

Finally, a pro tip. If you are a lover of a spicy biryani with lots of masala, you better mention it while ordering, just say, “Bhai, double masale ke saath lana, ek damn spicy” and you will love it!!


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