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Which is the best food to eat in Hyderabad?


Hyderabad is a foodie’s paradise..you name the item, doesn’t matter whether it’s North Indian, Andhra,South Indian, Mughlai,Continental,Italian, Arabic, Afghani.etc. yeah..I m sure it’s available here at one or the other restaurants .!!

My personal favourites are..

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Hyderabad and Biryani are now synonymous , so i am guessing you are definitely not expecting Biryani for an answer; and that’s absolutely right because contrary to popular belief, Hyderabad is not all about Biryanis. Its a foodies’ paradise. At times i feel Hyderabadis were born to eat. You serve them a 100 delicacies, they dig into it and then say, “do you have something else?”. Specially non-veg. They’re meat monsters. I am one, a big one. So a biryani alone wont be able to satisfy the glutton in me. The craving is not just for rice and meats. I cannot eat a Biryani for breakfast or an evening snack. Long story short, the good news is, there is a lot to eat in Hyderabad.


Best places to eat: Alpha (Secunderabad), Shah Ghouse (Old city & Tolichowki), Nayab (Madina X roads)

Kheema Roti: This sweet, tangy and oily Minced meat dish with Naan, Tandoori or Rumali roti early in the morning is a great way to start your morning with a smile.

Bhaji gurda: Lamb kidneys cooked with Spinach and other herbs is an aromatic curry again eaten with rotis of your choice.

Bheja Fry: Lamb brain which is already cheesy fried with typical hyderabadi spices is a class apart.

Nahari: A soup that gets its flavor from lamb legs and some exotic spices suspended in the preparation packed in a bag (potli ka masala) is an aromatic bliss. No better source of calcium than this.

Khichdi: Not to be mistaken for the typical north Indian khichdi where rice is overcooked to a paste that is easy to digest. This one is subtle like a pulav with long grain rice, red lentil and turmeric for color. Again eaten with kheema.


Khatti Daal: The most common preparation in every house hold. Pigeon pea cooked with all the basic spices and extract of tamarind. Punched with cumin in the end giving it a heavenly taste. A must try. Best place to eat is Dine Hill

Bagara Chawal, Dalcha and Khorma: Steamed rice punched with fried onions and spices for the flavour eaten with Dalcha, a richer vesion of Daal and Khorma a heavy and spicy mutton curry cooked with coconut and khas khas (poppy seeds) that goes amazingly well with Bagara khana.

Tala Huwa Gosht: This Fried meat delicacy is common in every house hold and restaurant. Typically hyderabadi spices make it mouth watering.

Tahari: A hyderabadi meat pulav. Thats the simplest way i can put it across. Less spicier than a biryani, this one is my favorite when made at home.

Bagare Baingan: This heavily spiced eggplant curry is my favorite. The sweet and sour gravy when mixed with steamed rice takes you to a different world.


Of course it ends with a biryani but if you go to a Hyderabdi wedding dinner, you will have to really go a long culinary way to get your hand on that Biryani. So I am going to base the Dinner menu on a Valima (Reception) dinner.

Haleem: Mostly available only in Ramzan, but if you have local friend dear enough to invite you to weddings, you are sure taste it everytime. This is the second most popular dish after Biryani. Rich, Heavy, spicy, loaded with ghee and dry fruits, this Wheat and Meat or Chicken dish is pride of Hyderabad. Best place to eat: Shah Ghouse and 555 cafe

Margh: A heavenly soup cooked in tender pieces of lamb with some great but not so spicy ingredients. You are sure to love it, irrespective of which part of the country you come from. Best place to eat is Chicha’s restaurant.

Dum ka chicken: Chicken marinated in hyderabadi spices and then sealed to cook on a low fire brings out reality of spices that go into it. Best place to eat is Sohail.

Patthar Ka Gosht: Meat cooked in some special spices and then fried slowly on a stone bed gives it a distinct color, texture and of course taste. Goes well with Rumali roti. Best place to eat is Chicha’s restaurant.

Biryani: Not going to go into details of it. Best places to eat: Bahaar, Sarvi, Sohail, Shadab and Bawarchi


Best places to eat is same as that for Biryani.

Double Ka Meeta: Bread Crumbs dipped in sugar sauce, are mixed with khoya and garnished with dry fruits and feni and topped with cream, the hyderabadi version of Shahi Tukde is richer and better is every aspect.

Khoobani ka meeta: A simple mix of Apricots and Sugar, this sweetest dessert when topped with custard or ice cream will surely have your sweet tooth dancing in joy.

Kaddu ki kheer: Grated bottle gourd cooked with rice and sabudana (Sago) is kept low on sugar to give it a pleasant taste so you can have extra bowl of it.

That is still not all, this is just popular. Like i said, we say “Do you have something else


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