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Why is the iPhone X not called an iPhone 10?

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Aesthetics? Yes.

Uniqueness? Yes.

Sounds cool? Yes, of course.

But the REAL reason is simple. Apple’s very first product was its computer, and its most successful line of computers began with Max OS X. Yeah, that’s right, and that’s where the Roman numeral Ten came from. The Operating System that brought them into the big time.

Any time you see Apple using an capital X, you can take it to the bank you’ll be pronouncing it as “ten”, as in the Roman numeral.

And whatever it is. will be special.

VERY special.

That’s why they used the X for this iPhone. A tenth anniversary IS special. Especially for a product that has anchored Apple as the biggest company in the tech world, in terms of value, and in terms of cash earned.

And as Tim Cook mentioned very early in his intro, this phone is their version of the future of the phone. Take that to the bank, too

trolling zoo i phone 10
trolling zoo i phone 10


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