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Can EVM be hacked ? What is EVM controversy & how it works ?


EVM controversy means there has been cases of EVM showing incorrect data meaning there are chances of hack or fiddling with the machine.

A couple of weeks ago, while inspecting the EVMs an electoral officer pressed another parties button but the EVM showed that the vote has been cast for BJP. This was captured by Media as well and is available in social media.

While some politicians may be exaggerating on this issue but we cannot completely deny this. There are kids sitting in their bed rooms and managed to hack websites like NASA or Pentagon which are supposed to be at epitome of security levels. The EVM machine may have strong security levels but it is not full proof. And any machine or software created by humans can also be hacked by humans.

Always know that what comes out if media has a layer of information embedded with influence from people in strong positions

How do the EVMs work? 

  • Every EVM machine has a control unit, a ballot unit and a 5-metre cable.
  • The machine can be operated with a 5 volt battery.
  • The way it works is that a voter is supposed to press a button against the name or photo of the candidate she wishes to vote for.
  • The moment a button is pressed, the machine locks itself.
  • It opens now only with a new ballot number.
  • An EVM registers only five votes in a minute.
  • EVMs became popular because they were easier to carry and later count the votes on.
  • They have been a part of India’s election process for the last 15 years.
  • While all this sounds alright, there is enough evidence to suggest EVMs are also unsafe and unreliable.


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