Home Hyderabad update 5 year old girl raped in Azaan International school at Tolichowki Hyderabad.

5 year old girl raped in Azaan International school at Tolichowki Hyderabad.


Tension prevailed at Tolichowki when the father of a girl studying in Azaan International school complained to Golconda police on Friday that his daughter was raped by a member belongs to management.

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Girl was raped by a school supervisor while a science exhibition was on in the school. It is learnt that when teachers and staff were occupied with the ongoing science exhibition at Azaan International School in Tolichowki, a supervisor Jilani lured the girl by offering chocolates, took her to a secluded part of the school and committed the heinous act.

Father of girl
Father of girl

When the girl’s father came to fetch her from school, she complained of stomach ache and on taking her to a doctor learnt about the incident. The angry parents and relatives rushed to the school to confront the school management which reportedly tried to hush up the incident, it is learnt.

Family members and the relatives of the victim’s family reached the spot and staged protest.

Section 144 imposed around 2 kms radius of Responsible Azaan international school radius.

Rape Case Reported in Azaan International School on Qutubshahi Road Branch under Golconda Police Station Limits of 4 1/2 Minor Girl. The Accused 24 years old Jeelani was taken into custody by golconda police. as per the report Jeelani is an employee of School in Maintenance Department. on complaint the accused was taken into custody. People damages school building and vehicles demands arrest of school management

To control the situation police deployed the force and kept 144 section at the school premises. Golkonda police who registered a case took up investigations

This situation is under control.


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