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Trending fashion among indian women

Majority of Indian women who live in small towns or cities wear a ‘nighty’ or ‘long maxi dress’ at home.

The main reason of it’s popularity among above-30 ladies, is that it hides the fat at the stomach, unlike the saree.

The other advantages of wearing a nighty :

It’s good at covering everything that most conservative women in India need to cover. Can also be paired with a dupatta for added coverageIt’s preferred over the saree, because it is easy to put on and easy to remove.It also doesn’t have any loose ‘pallu’ like a saree that constantly need to be managed while doing physical work.Also, since it is just one garment, sewn together, there is no danger of any ‘knots’ coming off, or any blouse buttons or any other saree-related crap is Simple and convenient.


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